Monday, 1 August 2011

Eastward bound

Of life, photo’s, subjects, of interest. Its what keeps me wondering about what’s around that next corner. And that’s why I’m headed east again. This time it’s to the Antipodes- Yep good old Australia.

Ill be presenting a photography master class while there, but in between Ill be up in the far north west of the country on one of the most exciting photo expeditions I’ve done in a while.
Camden sound is our destination, where we will be cruising in by boat for 8 nights. The reason? 22 000 odd humpback whales… This is the largest breeding and calving ground for this species. With a couple of other photographers Ill be photographing this phenomenon in one of the most remote places in Australia.

I’m pinching myself a bit at the opportunity, but it’s something you just grab with two hands when it’s offered to you.
Updates may be few and far between, but keep them ears peeled.
I’m now off to buy some board shorts…

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